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We are proud to celebarate the pioneeristic idea

of our founder, Pietro Plozza,

with our new label:

Sforzato di Valtellina DOCG 2011 “1946”.

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basic edition

Nebbiolo in its essential simplicity.

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edition line

White, red, black and silver: discover all our color shades.

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special edition

Be seduced by our most exclusive collection.

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Artisanal spirits distilled from Nebbiolo marc.



Let yourself be conquered by the unmistakable and unique taste of the Nebbiolo of the Alps: book the "experience" that suits you better and discover, inside our wines, a wonderful land made not only of the genetic heritage of its grapes, but also of history, traditions and colture.


Plozza is an long-established company with an eye to the future.

Tradition and innovation, used to be seen as opposites,

become factors supporting each other in the pursuit of excellence.



The Valtellina wine is e a mosaic taking shape from the combination between man and nature, winegrowing and landscape, in an harmonic union of pieces embedded as the stones holding up the terraced vinyards.



Plozza Vini Tirano

Via Cappuccini 16

23037 Tirano SO

+39 0342 701297


P.Iva 00412670143

Codice Destinatario SUBM70N

PEC plozza.srl@legalmail.it

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