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Plozza Vini Tirano - Pietro Plozza e Mar


The company is sold to its current ownership and Plozza SA Brusio is born, a Swiss joint-stock company that immediately gives continuity to that philosophy of quality and innovation that had characterized the previous fifty-four years



The new generation of the Zanolari family produces increasingly refined wines with a modern stylistic hallmark, destined to mark a new era, including the 24K with its pure gold label and the N ° 1 - Numero Uno.

Plozza Vini Tirano - Plozza 100.jpg


Beauty and a refined design enrich the bottle celebrating the first Plozza's centenary. An extraordinary idea that comes from the pencil of Lorenzo Ramaciotti, the designer of several Ferraris, Maseratis and Alfa Romeos.

Plozza Vini Tirano - Sforzato 1946.jpg


Pietro Plozza markets the Sforzato wine, an important product for the Valtellina valley once reserved almost exclusively for the wealthiest families, those who could afford to let the grapes dry losing lots of wine.

Plozza Vini Tirano - Foto Storica 1919.j


In Brusio, (Switzerland) a few kilometers from Tirano, (Italy) the 29-year-old Pietro Plozza quit his job in the Rhaetian Railway and decides to throw himself into the commerce of agricultural products, immediately realizing the potential of Valtellina wine.

Plozza Vini Tirano - Andrea e Loris Zanolari.jpg


Thanks to a significant reorganization, the Plozza Wine Group is created and the production is entrusted to Plozza Vini Tirano for the Valtellina wines, to Plozza Ome Franciacorta for the classic method sparkling wines and to Cottinelli Weinbau Malans for the wines produced between the Signoria and the Graubünden Rhine Valley.

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