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Sforzato "1946"
DOCG 2011

“There are passions that overcome any difficulties, feelings that make sacrifice become privilege and emotions that reward you for your efforts: with such passions, feelings and emotions is my heart full, and that encourages me with ambition and obstinacy to get the best out from this land, the Valtellina. And then there are intuition, courage and the desire to surprise, the same that today make me believe, before anyone else, in the Sforzato wine, the noblest son of these vineyards hanging between earth and sky.” 1946, the year when Pietro Plozza wrote these lines in his diary, marked the release of the first bottle of Sforzato di Valtellina, and with it the future of a land began to change: seventyfive years later, a vintage bottle decorated with a platinum hot-foiled stamping celebrates an iconic product, letting the  enthusiasts have the pleasure of a journey through the senses given by a wine to explore which is also a poem to enjoy.

The Nebbiolo grapes selected for this symbolic wine come from the most suited vineyards in the surroundings of Tirano and after a three-month period of drying they are pressed and vinified, to be finally aged in chestnut casks: this is how a great wine is created, unique with its garnet red with delicate brown hues, notes of raisins and panpepato. On the palate sweets toasty hints are clearly noticeable and a perfect balance between noble tannins and acidity emerge.

Concerning the longevity, not understood as mere shelf-life of a wine but as the capacity to evolve virtuously, the Sforzato turn out to be an ace. The transformation of its aromatic spectrum year after year makes it suitable for the less common food pairings.

grapes drying time

barrel ageing

bottle size
serving temperature

info ricicliaggio rifiuti

waste disposal

100% Nebbiolo
3 months
grapes hand picked, hand sorted

3 days cold soak, 10 days on the skins
years in chestnut casks

75 cl
20-22° C

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