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Grappa Passione Barrique

Passione Grappa is obtained by distilling in small copper boilers the fresh pomace of Nebbiolo grapes used for the production of the homonymous wine: the elimination of the heads and tails allows to obtain a pure distillate, while the use of discontinuous stills that operate under vacuum reduces the extraction of the oils contained in the seeds, preserving aromatic bouquet and softness of the final product. Degree reduction, refrigeration and filtration precede the aging process, which lasts for twenty-four months in French oak casks.

Rich in valuable aromatic substances, it has an amber colour conferred by the ageing in wood. The intense and persistent fragrance and scent, whose freshness recalls the moment of pressing of the must, herald a velvety and delicate taste that maintains unchanged the organoleptic characteristics of the grape of origin, as well as its elegance and sensuality.

Served in an open tulip-shaped goblet or ballon, it is ideal not only if sipped at the end of a meal but also in combination with dry pastries or very mature and spicy cheeses.




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100% Nebbiolo

temperature-controlled vacuum fermentation

artisanal distillation in discontinuous steam still

50 cl


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