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Plozza - Grappa di Nebbiolo

Obtained from the best pomace of Nebbiolo grapes, Grappa Plozza is a product of rare harmony and delicacy. Handcrafted distilled at our headquarters in Brusio, it is rounded and takes on very soft olfactory sensations thanks to a long evolution in wood.

Tasting it, you will appreciate the cleanliness of the aromas and the sincerity of the taste. The palate is soft and enveloping, decisive but not aggressive. Warm, balanced, never cheeky or angular, the right combination of aromas of the vine and tertiary aromas.

Enhanced by a precious bottle with a minimalist and clean design, it is wonderful to accompany a good cigar, but also lends itself to the combination with a pure chocolate. Curious and provocative to accompany with an aged cheese.




bottle size

100% Nebbiolo

temperature-controlled vacuum fermentation

artisanal distillation in discontinuous steam still

70 cl

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