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Grappa N°1 - Numero Uno

Grappa N°1 - Numero Uno is the result of the discontinuous distillation of fresh, non-silage pomace, used for the production of the homonymous wine. The separation of impurities is meticulously carried out by distilling several times each batch: the entire process is in fact watched over by the master distiller, who, closing and opening at the right time the still collector extracts the alcoholic vapours and enhances the aroma and alcohol content of the product. Heads and tails are collected and redistilled, even several times, with purification.

The resulting grappa is aged for forty-eight months in small French oak barrels (Allier, Limousin, Mercier). A wide and harmonious aroma, great viscosity, soft and enveloping taste characterize this grappa with an eloquent name, presented in a special way: wrapped in an elegant tissue and embellished with a brass label, even its look is special.

An aristocratic and elegant grappa, to try with foie gras or to taste after dinner as a digestive.




bottle size

riciclaggio rifiuti

waste disposal

100% Nebbiolo

temperature-controlled vacuum fermentation

artisanal distillation in discontinuous steam still

50 cl

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