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The Cinquanta I 50 is the result of the separate vinification of fresh-pressed and dried grapes in the attempt to express the Valtellina Nebbiolo in the most authentic and multifarious way. Now, more than ever, tradition and modernity blend in an essential duo, combining the immediacy and freshness from grapes pressed in October with the softness of those traditionally laid to dry, as in the Sforzato production. The olfactory range, well-articulated and communicative since the first moment, reveals little red fruits and cherry. It is confirmed on the palate where the wine spreads in a silky and balanced way, with a perfect cohesion and equilibrium of alcoholic note, freshness and mature tannins.


A proud local wine that even with its packaging - enhanced by an exclusive stone label, unique of its kind - aims to display the features of its native terroir.


There is a notable and full maturity in this wine, making it the perfect companion for full bodied first courses, red meat recipes, boiled meat, braised meat, game and mature hard cheese.

grapes drying time

barrel ageing

bottle size
serving temperature

info riciclaggio rifiuti

waste disposal

100% Nebbiolo
50% 3 months
grapes hand picked, hand sorted

3 cold soak, 10 days on the skins
60 months in chestnut casks

75 cl
18° C

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