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For the realization of the Plozza, an oenological delicacy produced exclusively in the best vintages, are vinified bunches of Nebbiolo matured on almost secular plants that before pressing - as already happens for the Sforzato - are left to dry in boxes for a period of three months. Of fundamental importance is the refinement, which lasts for twenty-four months in virgin wood, ten of which in a first new barrique and fourteen in a second new one.

We love to define this double decanting in new wood as the "200% barrique method", aware of the fact that such a maturation is only effective if the grapes used are of the highest quality, with an intensity of the fruit that perfectly balances with the delicacy of the toasting aromas.

The fine olfactory panorama is wide and intense, with a dominance of withered violet and ripe fruits that soon turn to tobacco scents and leather nuances. The taste is portentous, invigorated by a persistent acid-tannic finish. Proposed in a luxurious bottle with an antique brass label, the Plozza - an authentic meditation wine - is kept inside a small box in fine wood.

grapes drying time

barrel ageing

bottle size
serving temperature

info ricicliaggio rifiuti

waste disposal

100% Nebbiolo
3 months
grapes hand picked, hand sorted

5 days cold soak, 15 days on the skins

24 months in new french oak barriques

75 cl
20-22° C


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