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Rosso di Valtellina DOC

Accessible, fruity and elegant, 042 is a limited edition Nebbiolo wine whose name comes from the 10’000-liter chestnut cask in which it has matured and that characterizes the label design - a thin wood foil lending a regal appearance to the bottle.


Fresh and harmonious, this wine amazes for the floral tones’ gentle lightness and for the exciting aromatic and gustatory approach. To the palate it is endowed with a smoothness spread persuasive precision all around the mouth.


A wine of subtleties more than of matter, the 042 evokes hints of cherries, dried prunes and elderberries and presents a softly voluptuous tannic background. This nectar, resulting from the heroic Valtellina vinegrowing, one of the hardest and challenging in the world, perfectly complements red meat, a roast with plum sauce, any homemade meal and is also an ideal wine to casually sip with good friends.

grapes drying time

barrel ageing

bottle size
serving temperature

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waste disposal

100% Nebbiolo
grapes hand picked, hand sorted

2 days cold soak, 5 days on the skins
48 months in the chestnut cask 042

75 cl
18° C

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