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Rosso di Valtellina


Garnet colour. Smooth attack with delicate wild berry and blackcurrant scents. To the palate it is rustic, intense, autochthonous. It brings to mind images of smooth leather, chenille pillows and blazing fires. Sapid, dry and simple finish. It is a “vin sauvage” with rich fruity aromas and balanced texture. Not too cheeky in spite of the rustic and aromatic notes’ persistence.


Made from the purest Nebbiolo grapes, thanks to its freshness and simplicity it is a versatile wine celebrating every-day life.


Pleasant and cheerful, it easily pairs with charcuterie starters, soups, vegetable pies, meat, creams and cheese.

grapes drying time

barrel ageing

bottle size
serving temperature

riciclaggio rifiuti

waste disposal

100% Nebbiolo
grapes hand picked, hand sorted

5 days on the skins
36 months in the chestnut casks

75 cl
18° C

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