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CHARDONNAY con ombra prodotto.jpg

Chardonnay whiteedition


After a gentle press, the must ferments in new, lightly toasted oak barrels where it matures on the lees for six months. The wood's contribution to the olfactory and gustatory profile of the Chardonnay is not limited to the classic vanilla scents, inasmuch as it harmoniously blends the complexity of toasty aromas with the freshness and pleasantness of flowery and fruity notes (pineapple, exotic fruits, banana).


Thanks to its intense and varied bouquet and to its symphonic expressive strength, this wine masterfully reveals an almost hidden side of the Valtellina. The defining characteristic of the wine, expressed with a fullness highlighted by its wooden evolution, is well sustained by the fresh-sapid sensation nurtured by the sandy-loam soils and by the Alpine climate.


A wine to elegantly complement a mint and lime scented seafood salad or to pair with a traditional antipasto such as Bresaola slices.

grapes drying time

barrel ageing

bottle size
serving temperature

90% Chardonnay 10% Souvignon b.
grapes hand picked, hand sorted

5 monthts in new french oak barriques

75 cl
12-14° C

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